What is IV Infusion Therapy?

Drugs produced by the pharmaceutical companies are frequently associated with significant adverse side effects and can paradoxically increase the body’s toxicity. As the physician and founder of IV Oasis it is my goal to forego the use of traditional pharmaceutical drugs and instead provide patients with natural amino acid, vitamin and mineral based therapies which enable the body to heal itself.

Why IV Therapy?

Among the many benefits of IV infusions is complete bioavailability of the ingredients in the infusion. This simply means that 100 percent of the amino acid, mineral, or vitamin is delivered to the bloodstream of the patient. 

Typically, only approximately 20% to 30% of the same amino acid, mineral or vitamin taken orally, is ultimately delivered to the bloodstream. It is the degree of delivery to the bloodstream which enables the ingredient to exert its maximum beneficial effect on the body.

Is it safe?

The nutrients utilized in IV therapy are vitamins and minerals which are known as “Essential Nutrients” (those that our bodies must have, not just to survive, but to function at 100%) that we are unable to derive from other raw materials.

When the modern diet was invented, processed foods began to dominate the market. This has translated to a general lack of these Essential Nutrients, and an increase in chronic illness.

Though these infusions are hugely beneficial to their users, there are some small risks. Bruising may occur at the injection site – comparable to having blood drawn for a lab test. Certain side effects may include “infiltration”, which can be caused by vascular fragility and result in a rupture of the vein wall and fluid leakage into the surrounding tissue. Patients with small, difficult-to-locate veins or who are prone to vascular weakness may not be candidates for IV therapy (though it may be possible, in some instances, that administering oral nutrients in high doses can rebuild one’s nutritional state, strengthening the veins to the point that IV therapy is once again a viable option).

Our Treatments

Girl dancing in blue-lit room with hair swaying in face

Party On Pre-Party

Home > Treatment > Party > Pre Party

Party Peeps: Partying entire night, really thirsty but wary of drinking too much water to combat tremendous thirst.  Pre-hydrate and rehydrate using the IV Oasis Party On Hydration Regimen! 30 minutes is all you need to re-invigorate, re-energize, and party into the morning and next day. Make sure you have the stamina for a full night of partying!

Man doing arm exercise

Circulation Enhancer

Poor circulation causing excruciating pain? This infusion will help.

Buy one for $149 or get the recommended series of 5 for $599

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Addiction Relief

Addiction relief regimen: Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, rise up, remove the shackles of addiction and live life again. Buy one for $149 or get the recommended series of 5 for $599

Man carrying two backpacks

Just Landed

Jet lag relief… Feeling run down after a long flight? Hit the ground running with this energy boosting regimen.

Sick woman blowing nose in bed next to water and medication.

Cold or Flu Relief

Home > Treatment > Health and Recovery > Cold or flu relief

Cold/Flu regimen: Why feel sick if you don’t have to? Get out of bed, feel better and get on with life!

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Absolute Re-boot Detox Regimen

Home > Treatment > Health and Recovery > Absolute Re-Boot Detox Regimen

Detoxification regimen: Does your hectic schedule, life stressors, and poor diet have you feeling lethargic and without energy?

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Diabetic Nerve Pain Relief

Say goodbye to the sensation of being stuck with pins and needles in the feet and legs…
Series of 5  treatments recommended

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Sex Machine

Low libido formula to help you get your youth and vitality back.

Girl in cozy sweater drinking from mug

Hangover Relief

Party like a rock star without feeling awful after the fact. Get this infusion after intense partying.