Hangover Relief

Party like a rock star without feeling awful after the fact. Get this infusion after intense partying.

IV infusions make it possible to live at your peak, even before a big party


Make sure you have the stamina for a full night of partying!



Ageless Beauty

Ultimate youth and beauty maintenance program. Look young and feel energized.

Health & Recovery

Cold or Flu Relief

Cold/Flu regimen: Why feel sick if you don’t have to? Get out of bed, feel better and get on with life!

Toxin Release

Detoxification regimen: Does your hectic schedule, life stressors, and poor diet have you feeling lethargic and without energy?

Sex Machine Low Libido IV Infusion

Sex Machine

Low libido formula to help you get your youth and vitality back.

Pain Relief

Circulation enhancement iv infusion

Circulation Enhancer

Poor circulation causing excruciating pain? This infusion will help.

Buy one for $149 or get the recommended series of 5 for $599

Diabetic Neuropathy Relief

Say goodbye to the sensation of being stuck with pins and needles in the feet and legs…
Series of 5 weekly treatments


Addiction Relief

Addiction relief regimen: Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, rise up, remove the shackles of addiction and live life again. Buy one for $149 or get the recommended series of 5 for $599

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