Rapid Recovery [Event]


Post workout recovery formula.


Rapid Exercise Recovery

Use L-Carnitine, Proline and natural antioxidants to maintain consistency in workouts and to enable you to reach your fitness goals. Physical exertion, particularly that resulting from resistance training, naturally increase the body’s production of testosterone. 


Clipart of stethoscope against heart


L-Carnitine increases muscle strength by increasing the binding of the body’s naturally produced testosterone to muscle.

Clipart of stethoscope against heart


Proline increases repair of the tendon that attaches the muscle to the bone. Increases in muscle strength result in increased tension on the tendon. 

If the normal tension relationship between the muscle and the tendon is exceeded, the tendon can be severely strained and even tear completely. A severe strain or tear would result in a prolonged period during which it would not be possible to continue training. Avoid that possibility by getting the Rapid Recovery infusion.