Our meticulously formulated Intravenous infusions are packed with the essentials that will assists with maintaining a more youthful appearance, enable to have a more vigorous workout at the gym, maximize the potential of gains in muscle, energy and metabolism. Our Infusions also offer a quick solution for clients who suffers from hangovers, jet-lag, dehydration, flu-symptoms, exhaustion , joint pains or simply to revive and replenish vitamins that promote wellness.

Infusion Services

Simply Rehydrate

Nothing but water, .45% Normal saline or .9% Normal saline.


Weight Management Regimen, enhance your weight loss efforts.


Ultimate beauty drip enhances your beauty regimen. Look and feel young and energized.

Peak Performance

Athletic Regimen, get ripped and get that competitive edge and stay at 100%.

Move Free

Joint Relief Formula, get back in the game. Don’t be limited by pain and get freed from limited mobility.

Step Up

Claudication Regimen, minimize those recurrent leg cramps, wouldn’t it be great to walk again without pain.

Party On

Hangover Solution. I feel great! What hangover?! Partied entire night and ready to do it again.

Royal Flush

Detoxification Regimen, feel cleansed and rejuvenated. Start anew and feel totally refreshed.

Flu Away

Flu/Cold Relief, don’t get stuck in bed, feel better and calm the symptoms down.


Low Libido Formula, get youth and vitality back.

Fly Again

Jet lag relief, traveler’s choice, be at your best after a long flight.

Be Free

Drug dependence regimen, get your life back.

Rapid Recovery

Post Workout, soreness after workout. Feel energized and not drained after workouts.