IV OASIS is a mobile IV infusion and wellness company founded to provide the luxury of receiving IV infusions at your own leisure. Our IV infusions use amino acids and vitamins to naturally enhance the body’s ability to maintain a youthful appearance, build muscle or recover from injury, addiction or infection-to name a few. Infusions are provided at this location every Sunday from 11:00 a.m-5:00 p.m. at a luxurious and captivating setting. Champagne Brunch is complimentary to those receiving IV infusions and is complimented by an open bar providing bloody Marys, Bellinis, Mimosas, fruit and vegetable smoothies, fruit infused water and various juices .


Eric Tate M.D founded IV Oasis with the goal of providing natural IV therapies to the assist the body in realizing its maximum potential-whether that potential be in beauty, fitness, enhanced energy level, improved mental function and mood, pain relief, or recovery from addiction or infection. Dr. Tate completed Chemical Engineering degrees at Dartmouth College. He later attended medical school at the University of Colorado. Upon completion of medical school he completed internship and residency in Internal Medicine at USC –Los Angeles County Hospital. He has been in private practice since completing residency. It has been his experiences with patients in private practice that sparked the interest in using IV infusion therapy to enhance patient wellness and health.


It is our objective to deliver healthcare and wellness services to clients outside of the traditional medical clinic setting, enabling clients to receive health-enhancing therapies in the comfort of their home or at any other site at which they are able to relax and enjoy the infusion experience. IV OASIS services afford the ultimate in privacy and eliminate the process of driving, finding parking, and waiting in line behind other clients. If your schedule is too busy to allow you time to get a clinic during traditional clinic hours, don’t worry,  IV OASIS can accommodate your schedule. We provide around the clock services and can provide you with an infusion at your location of choice-after work or after your other daily obligations have concluded. Imagine relaxing in the comfort of your home while receiving any of our health enhancing infusions.  Additionally, we have established an exclusive private IV infusion party located poolside at a private residence in Hollywood Hills. Infusions are provided at this location every Sunday in a luxurious and captivating setting.

To ensure we have the infusions you want on the day you visit us please give us 72 hours notice on your order.