IV Therapy in Los Angeles

Are you feeling weak and lethargic? Are you hungover from a fun night with friends? If so, it may be time to call on our team at IV Oasis. We offer a wide array of options in IV therapy in Los Angeles.

Is IV Infusion Therapy Right for You?

Believe it or not, IV infusion therapy isn’t a new concept; however, it is something you may have never heard of before. At IV Oasis, we provide these services on-demand and in your home or hotel suite. We are here to provide you with the boost you need, when you need it.

Feeling drained?

Feeling sick, hungover, exhausted, or just need a boost of energy? We offer 21 signature IV infusions to get you back to 100%.

Book an Appointment

Select the treatment that your body is needing, schedule a date/time, and one of our vetted nurses will come to your house or hotel.

In-Home Treatment

You don’t have to lift a finger! Just book a date and time and our qualified nurses will treat you in your home or hotel room.

Sit Back and Relax

Our certified nurse will administer your treatment painlessly in about 30 min. Then, go out and enjoy your day feeling renewed.

Interested in IV hydration therapy in Los Angeles?

Natural IV Infusions

Drugs produced by the pharmaceutical companies (although sometimes necessary) are frequently associated with significant adverse side effects and can increase the body’s toxicity.

IV Oasis was founded by a certified physician with the goal of foregoing traditional medicine in favor of a more natural and effective way to treat patients.

Complete Bioavailability

Complete Bioavailability

100% of the amino acid, mineral, or vitamin is delivered to the bloodstream of the patient.

Functional Medicine

Based in Functional Medicine

Our goal is to allow the body to heal itself through the use of natural amino acid, vitamin, and mineral-based therapies.

Certified Medical Professionals

Certified Medical Professionals

Our infusions are only administered by certified nurses to ensure safety and comfort during the process.

How It Works

1. Select your treatment

Choose the IV treatment your body needs. Need help choosing?

2. Schedule your appointment

Select your location and time and we will schedule a visit to your home or hotel.

3. Enjoy your IV Infusion

The infusion process takes about 30 min and you will start feel better instantly.

Our Treatments

Do you love to have a good time? Are you tired of feeling weak and unenergized the next morning? If so, we have the perfect hangover relief for you. In addition to hangover IV treatment in Los Angeles, we also offer services, such as a vitamin IV drip and vitamin injections to help you recover faster and feel better sooner.

IV Oasis Party On Hydration Regimen

Party On Pre-Party

Home > Treatment > Party > Pre Party

Party Peeps: Partying entire night, really thirsty but wary of drinking too much water to combat tremendous thirst.  Pre-hydrate and rehydrate using the IV Oasis Party On Hydration Regimen! 30 minutes is all you need to re-invigorate, re-energize, and party into the morning and next day. Make sure you have the stamina for a full night of partying!

Blood Circulation Enhancer Treatment

Circulation Enhancer

Poor circulation causing excruciating pain? This infusion will help.

Buy one for $149 or get the recommended series of 5 for $599

Addiction Relief Treatment

Addiction Relief

Addiction relief regimen: Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, rise up, remove the shackles of addiction and live life again. Buy one for $149 or get the recommended series of 5 for $599

Energy Boosting Regimen

Just Landed

Jet lag relief… Feeling run down after a long flight? Hit the ground running with this energy boosting regimen.

Cold/Flu Regimen

Cold or Flu Relief

Home > Treatment > Health and Recovery > Cold or flu relief

Cold/Flu regimen: Why feel sick if you don’t have to? Get out of bed, feel better and get on with life!

Detoxification regimen Treatment

Absolute Re-boot Detox Regimen

Home > Treatment > Health and Recovery > Absolute Re-Boot Detox Regimen

Detoxification regimen: Does your hectic schedule, life stressors, and poor diet have you feeling lethargic and without energy?

Diabetic Nerve Pain Relief

Diabetic Nerve Pain Relief

Say goodbye to the sensation of being stuck with pins and needles in the feet and legs…
Series of 5  treatments recommended

Low Libido IV Infusion

Sex Machine

Low libido formula to help you get your youth and vitality back.

Hangover Relief

Hangover Relief

Party like a rock star without feeling awful after the fact. Get this infusion after intense partying.

IV Infusion Pool Party

Feel rejuvenated indulging in IV infusions of vitamins, nutrients and hydration while relaxing poolside at our celebrity view-house above the Sunset Strip in The Hollywood Hills.


Questions or Comments?

When it comes to IV therapy, our team at IV Oasis is here for you. We offer high-quality IV vitamin therapy and can provide you with the treatment you want in an environment where you are comfortable. Are you ready to learn more about our services? If so, contact us today. We can answer any questions you have and provide you with the services you need.